Friday, September 29, 2006

New background material on the War on Terror.

Al Queda- Iraqi terrorists launched the first World Trade Center Attack. Terrorist passports were provided by Iraq, stolen from Kuwaitt during the Saddam's investigation. The explosives were ammonium nitrate (fertilizer), but cyanide was included in an attempt to create poison gas.

That means, during Clinton's administration, long before his well deserved impeachment, Islamic Fascist terrorists launched an attack on the WTC, and attempted to use Weapons of Mass Destruction. No need to connect the dots.

And Clinton did..............................................................(crickets chirping!)

Clinton launched attacks against Serbia, a nominally Christian (Orthodox) country. Ladies, that is worse than "appeasement", more like being flipped.

Kind of puts his fact free temper tantrum into perspective.

Of course Hillary isn't ashamed. She is proud of his lying. He does it so WELL!

If she does run for President, what gelded wonder will admit to being her Vice President, when Bill is around. Another term of "co-presidents"won't leave much room for him/her. If she selects a female VP to run with, can women be gelded? Feinstein, call your office!


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