Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Some Lessons of History That Got Us Where We Are

The Barbary pirates taught us that our merchant marine needs to be defended and secured by a strong Navy.

The Spanish American War taught us that we could not ignore attacks on our Navy in foreign waters, and the business of getting men to the battle was as big a job as the battle itself.

In WWI the US fought with British designed rifles (P-17) and French (ChauChat machineguns and 75mm quick firing artillery) weapons. We were able to benefit from instruction from French Alpine and Chasseur infanty. We learned from that, and instituted an industry mobilization program in time for WWII.

In WWII the US started behind, because our non-intervention policy let the murderous thugs like Stalin, Hitler and Tojo get their war machine manned and trained, with combat experience before we got in. We paid dearly for that.

In Korea we learned that the potential strength of the US was not enough to stop aggressors, and a smaller force with high readiness would be needed.

In Vietnam we learned that it was not enough to win the battles, but that traitors in the US could throw away the results of our soldiers valor. John Kerry call your office.

After Desert Storm we learned that pushing back a murderous thug to his own country didn't provide protection from attacks on our friends or ourselves.

Of course some people have learned nothing.


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