Saturday, October 07, 2006

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Eugenics is a combination of mercantilism and darwinism.

After we got a bit smarter, we figured out that the government can't pick winning businesses, and correspondingly, cant pick winning characteristics. Not that people in government aren't well meaning or smart, just that when you assemble well meaning and smart people in a bureaucracy/heirarchy, they are not allowed to express their genius, or their preferences, rather they are bound by rules written for one situation, and applied in another situation. That is why bureaucracies ALWAYS seem to act stupidly.

Having said that, individuals and capitalists can pick winning stocks and horses. We all practice Eugenics when we pick our spouse with a view to having children that have qualities that we find attractive in our spouse!

It is the thousands of different choices we all make that create a diverse background, and then the diverse background is selected (in a horse race).

The Eugenicist would substitute expert opinion for the horse race. If that was to happen in the horse breeding business, you would get beautiful horses, but not necessarily fast horses. In the horse breeding industry the modern Nazis are represented by the breeders of Arab horses which are beautiful, but are not in the first rank of speed. The royalists are, oddly enough, represented by the breeders of Morgan horses, who demand that all real Morgan horses be desended from Justin Morgan's horse.

The capitalists are represented by the Standard Bred. You run, you demonstrate you meet the standard, and your horse is "standard bred".

In business, Mercantilists try to meet approval of "experts" include process oriented people try to get Deming Awards, or Baldridge Awards. Nice, but the real Capitalists seek the rewards of the market place. Toyota and Nissan spend millions of dollars in their effort to win the Deming Award. Honda: decided that the right answer was to win in the market. Honda does just fine in the market!

The ISO 9000 folks are analogous to the 'Standard bred', setting up minimum standards for quality, that nearly everyone can meet. All ISO 9000 companies, like all standard bred horses will be competitive.


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