Saturday, September 08, 2007

After All, How Much Damage Can They Do

It would make a lot of sense for anyone running for federal office to be required to own fully automatic weapons.

To own fully automatic weapons, you have to have an extensive background check, both from the Federal government, and usually from the state where you reside. Of course some states don't allow privately owned automatic weapons, so those states should not have any representation in the US Senate or House. States which deny their citizens private ownership of fully automatic weapons should not have their electors (the real voters in the presidential election) recognized.

After all the US Government spends about 3 trillion dollars per year. With only 100 Senators, that gives each Senator some 30 billion dollars each year that is his share of the budget. A Senator can do a lot more damage with his vote than he could with an .50 Caliber Browning Machine Gun (Heavy Barrel).

Ownership of fully automatic weapons is one of the civil rights guaranteed to the citizens of the several states under the 14th Amendment. Losing representation to the federal government is the penalty prescribed in the 14th Amendment for denying civil rights to citizens.


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