Saturday, September 01, 2007

Letter to "Contact V-Day"

V-day is a protest against violence against women. The following is a letter I sent to their organization.

If "Shall Issue" standards were enacted for concealed carry permit, women and responsible children (say age 12 to 18) could defend them selves from hooligans.
No criminal can get a decent string of robberies and rapes against an armed and trained woman. even a 10 percent chance of sudden perforation will make criminals seek another line of work.
Perhaps you recall when in Florida, the first large state concealed carry law took effect. The criminals began to focus on Rental Cars (which had a convenient sticker and license plate number) coming from the airport.
Be sure when you protest, protest with holsters, a key fashion accesory. Of course your fashion will be empty, and kept so by those whose profession profits from citizens kept dependent and helpless.

I am sure that I am not among those, are you?


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