Monday, July 07, 2008

Colonel Bud Day

Bud Day is, to say the least, an interesting man. He was John McCain's cellmate in the North Vietnamese hellhole. He nursed John McCain, when John was down to 95 lbs, with various limbs in a cast.

Bud Day holds both the Medal of Honor, and Air Cross. He served in the Marines in WWII, in the Army Reserve, and the Air Force. He has a Juris Doctor in law.

Bud Day has 35 years of military service. He was shot down over North Vietnam in a F-100 and was captured. Despite injuries, he escaped, and made it almost to South Vietnam before being recaptured. The NVA broke his arm, then put it in a cast at a crazy angle with exposed bone ends sticking out. The intent was to be sure that he could never again fly. After John McCain was somewhat better, they gathered small bits of bamboo. John McCain was able to rebreak Bud Day's arm, and then set it using bits of bamboo as a splint. Some of John McCain's bandages were used as a dressing for Bud Day.

Bud Day survived, and was able to fly again. Upon being repatriated, he was told that the success of his treatment showed that the North Vietnamese provided good medical care. Bud Day was able to correct that doctor, and told of his treatment by Dr. McCain.

So, some more dirt for the Obama campaign: In addition to not paying income tax for 5 years, John McCain also practiced medicine without a license.

As Paul Harvey used to say, "Now you know the rest of the story. Good day!"


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