Thursday, January 29, 2009

First Black president

Add 1 to the candidates for the first black president. Condi Rice.

Since the President's term ends at 12:00 noon, and Obama had not yet taken the oath, we would start going down the succession list. Dick Cheney's term also ended. Speaker of the House Pelosi did not resign her position, nor did Dingy Harry Reid. That means the "acting President" prize went to Condi Rice as Secretary of State, for the 6 minutes or so before Joe Biden took his oath. Then Joe Biden held the honors until Senator Obama took the oath properly the next day.

They say that scabs don't heal if you keep picking at them!

Ate dinner with my brother Tom

He was visiting on business, and close counts in this family. He will be moving to Savanah Ga. With luck he will be able to sell his current house. His kids are getting old, the youngest is 16!!!

He is the smarter brother.

I told my Dad's old joke about the French Foreign Legion jail... Well received. I guess I can tell a joke!