Sunday, February 21, 2010

Carbon Credits Here....Getcher Carbon Credits Here!

Just in case anyone wants carbon credits, here are some at a very low rate: FREE.

For anyone who logs into the comments and enters a number, they will be granted for the current year, a number of carbon offsets, based on a ton of carbon dioxide that will not be emitted.

You see, California, where I live has bad forest fires every year, with tons of carbon dioxide being emitted by those fires. Fewer fires means less carbon dioxide.

I pledge to you that I will not set forest fires to cause carbon to be emitted. Based on the number of carbon credits for which people sign, I will not set forest fires large enough to emit that many tons of carbon dioxide.

So, you can sign in, sign up, and walk away feeling good about activities that burn hydrocarbons, knowing that I am out there not setting fires, and that this compensates for that many tons of carbon dioxide emitted by your activities.

Take that good feeling, and enjoy it. It should be at least equivalent to the Carbon Offsets used by Albert Gore Jr. to make his Billions, and probably even better, as you don't waste money paying for him to fly around spouting nonsense. Further, stopping the forest fires costs money. By me not setting fires, not only are tons of carbon dioxide not emitted, but the money required to fight fires, and the risk to fire fighters who fight the fires is not incurred. And I don't have to risk being jailed for starting fires.

So this is a win for everyone all round. You get a good feeling, Gaia gets less carbon, I get less legal risks. And I charge exactly the benefit that is incurred from Albert Gore Jr. 's company's carbon credits. Nothing.


Plane crashes into IRS office by man driven crazy

Mr. Joseph Stack III was mad, and it is madness to look for reasons behind his acts.

Still, it is unjust that IRS code forbids high technology workers from being self employed, able to sell their services to a variety of customers. The reasons why the code does this are as follows:

Lawyers wrote the IRS code.

Lawyers have arranged that noone else can bill like lawyers, able to get hundreds of dollars per hour.

Lawyers have enacted structural provisions that forbid engineers, programmers, accountants, or other high technology workers from working efficiently. This forced inefficiency lowers the average pay of non-lawyers.