Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Illegal Immigration

The US has about 9% unemployment, and about 10% of the people in the US are illegal aliens. One way to reduce unemployment is to reduce the number of illegal aliens.

1. Build a fence.
2. Patrol the country within the borders to capture and remove illegal aliens.
a. Offer a cash reward to state and local police for illegal aliens who are turned over to INS/Border Patrol
b. Offer a cash reward to private citizens for information on illegal aliens.
3. Require "instant check" of citizenship for schools, hospitals, landlords, employers.
4. Increase significantly the number of legal immigrants permitted from Mexico. Legal immigrants would have to apply at the US consulates in Mexico. Evidence of illegal entry into the US would be disqualifying.

Thus illegal immigration would be reduced, unemployment would be reduced.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Immigration plan:

First, make all immigrants legal. We make illegal immigrants legal by moving them to their country of origin.

Second, have the learn English.
We have them learn English in schools in their home country.

Third, have them pay taxes. We have them report their income at the US consulate in their home country, and they can thereby be guided into filing US income taxes as an aspiring immigrant.

Fourth, Have a path to citizenship.
We have that, they apply for legal immigration in their home country at the US consulate/embassy. Forms for the application are available on line.

5th we reunite families. Rather than use chain immigration, we use chain deportation, so US citizens who feel more attached to illegal aliens than to US citizens can leave the US and be stripped of US citizenship so they are comfortable where they live.

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