Saturday, October 08, 2016

The movie "13th" asserts that the US 13th Amendment which banned slavery, had a loophole- that loophole was that people could be incarcerated after being convicted of a crime. Further, it asserts that that so called loophole was created to keep black people enslaved.

Of course if the usual suspects want to cut back on the US incarceration rate, we could have more crimes and more criminals subject to the death penalty.

Rape- death penalty (Hear that Bill Clinton?)
Robbery- death penalty
Burglary- death penalty
Aggravated Assault- Death Penalty
Manslaughter- Death Penalty
Drug trafficking- Death Penalty.

That would cut back on the incarceration rate. I don't favor it, but it would be one alternative. So, are we really about cutting back on the incarceration rate?

One approach would be to stop punishing people (Think George Zimmerman) when they protect themselves from crime.


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