Sunday, October 08, 2006

Snakes on the Plain!

The next door neighbor has a mouse problem, so he got some sticky traps. The traps are moderately successful at catching mice, but very successfull at catching snakes.

To date, we have gotten 3 gopher snakes, all apparently from the same clutch.

Diamond was first.
Amythest was second.
NO-NAME is third. NO-NAME perhaps is big enough that we can release her. The other two are in a terrarium, and get fed once a week or so with infant mice ("pinkies"). So far Diamond has been much more interested in eating, and Amythest has to constantly have the small mice hung in her face. Diamond has a second name of "Miss Piggie" after she beat Amythest twice to both pinkies.

Crystal has a web page. Oddly, people get offended that we feed the rescued snakes with live mice. I wonder what they would eat otherwise. We also tried a grasshopper, caught in our back yard, but the snakes don't seem interested.


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