Sunday, June 10, 2007

Brainwashed schmucks!

Alas, this explains the poor misleaded people at Daily Kos and Democratic Underground.

The communists had a contining problem. Their best and brightest went into Marxist Leninist philosophy, as they were told that such was critically important to the success of their country. Further they were told that correct application of Marxist Leninist theory would lead to higher living standards, higher morality, and eventually build a heaven on earth.

But it didn't. Of course the smart guys who studied ML theory eventually noticed that. Since they were party members, and they were "True Believers" they spoke up in an attempt to make the small changes that they thought were needed to improve Marxist Leninist theory. Once they pointed out the various shortcomings, and suggested their improvements they were identified and murdered. Trotsky was murdered in 1939, but he was far from the first. There is a fairly famous picture which had the early party comrades assembled in a group shot. As one after another was murdered or executed (little difference in the USSR), they were airbrushed out until only Stalin remained.

Fred Thompson pointed out in his recent You Tube response to Michael Moore that a Cuban journalist is confined to an insane asylum, given frequent shock treatments as a corrective for his crime of speaking the truth about the Castro regime. Michael Moore, Jane Fonda, Walter Cronkite, Dan Rather, Katy Couric, Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Barny Frank, they would all be quickly executed in a Marxist Leninist version of the USA. Poor things, they don't know how rotten is the system for which they work.

They are kind of like the homosexual activists who oppose our war against Islamic Fascists, despite the sad fact that the Islamic Fascists would have them murdered within minutes of their takeover.


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