Monday, May 28, 2007

New Invention: 6 Stroke Engine

An article in Popular Science described a new engine cycle. Hat Tip to the magnificent Instapundit.

The common Otto or Diesel engine uses "Intake, Compression, Power, Exhaust" strokes. This new engine adds to that "Steam Power, and Steam Exhaust" strokes. The steam ejector sprays water into the piston, which forms steam upon contact with the cylinder walls. The steam pressure pushes the piston down. The piston pushes up and the steam is exhausted through a special steam valve, where it is recondensed for reuse. By removing the heat directly from the cylinder walls, the needed metal around the cylinder (weight of the engine) would be much reduced. The added cost is the second set of injectors for water, and the steam exhaust valve. The change in cost for a new shape crankshaft in this day of computer operated milling machines should be just about zero.

This should create about 40 percent more power, according to the inventor. It should also reduce the necessary size of the radiator.

That one man will have done more to resolve any future energy crisis than the entire group which negotiated the Kyoto Accord. (the one that was rejected 95-0 by the US Senate during the Clinton Administration, the one that doesn't require China to do anything, and the one whose carbon dioxide targets the European Union is missing despite their fudging the starting point through bookkeeping shennanigans.


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