Sunday, April 15, 2007

Don Imus et al.

Ok, sure Don Imus said something stupid.

It is stupid to feel good, or bad because of something someone else has said about you. You should feel good or bad because of what you have done.

Now let us consider the Duke Lacross players. Lots of fun there. Innocent of any crime, they were accused of horrendous things, by a prosecutor who shamelessly manipulated pubiic opinion to get elected. Nifong created, and recruited for a conspiracy to obstruct justice. He accepted his appointment as District Attorney from the governor with the understanding that he would not run for the post. Then he fired his likely opponent, another deputy DA. She ran against him, and he was losing. He had to do something, so why not commit a crime, sure that would be ok if he got elected...

And by the way, Lacrosse is not a "white boy" sport. It is an adaptation of game played by the Iroquois, and the all time best player (still holds lots of records) is James Brown. Yes, the one who later was a football halfback for Cleveland. Set a bunch more records. I had a room mate at West Point who played Lacrosse (Yes, that's you Rick!). When my mother came to visit during spring break, she saw the implement (he played on offense, so it was the smaller one) picked it up, bounced the ball against the wall and caught it a couple of times, as if it was the easiest thing in the world. Well it seems you didn't grow up in central New York without playing a little Lacrosse.

Al Sharpton, found in court to be a liar, has nothing to say. Jesse Jackson, (who called New York City "Hymietown") who embezzled money to pay his adulterous partner off to keep silent about his bastard child, should have nothing to say. It is odd that we have higher standards for over the hill liberal radio shock jocks (Like Imus, who recommended Kerry in the last election) than we do for Civil Rights leaders. Or perhaps we have higher standards for civil rights leaders, but low standards for civil rights pimps.

Having said that, I had a lot of respect for the Rutgers girls basketball team, until they cried because someone called them a mean name. Gives their next opponent something to try.


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