Tuesday, October 10, 2006

The Power of Positive Thinking


In a casual conversation at work, song "Richard Cory" came up. The Simon and Garfunkel song was derived from an Richard Cory" poem by Edwin Arlington Robinson. I think I like the song better. Art Garfunkel has a wonderful voice, but his own writings never seemed to be as lyrical as his combinations with Paul Simon.

There are two lessons from the song/poem, at least...
First, you never know very much about the inner life of another person, so should hesitate to feel envy, or pride.
Second, the material things in life may not (often cannot) bring happiness.

I made the mistake once at work of sharing my inner (sad) self to my coworkers. All I got from it is ostracized. Noone wanted to be around a morose, and unproductive person. I eventually got a rehabilitative transfer, with the knowledge that if that didn't work, I would be laid off.

The good news is, I learned. My next position I tried to keep a positive outlook, and if I couldn't, I faked it, out of kindness to my coworkers. I even became somewhat useful, and perhaps a little popular. This fairly happy work environment continued even though my homelife disintegrated.

The work environment did not cause the home life to disintegrate, but rather "internal contraditions" of my relationship with my then-wife could no longer be painted over. At least while this happened, I had the security of a good job, was able to help my then-wife through medical school, and was still able to continue to support my children. I could even affort plane trips from California to Texas to visit them. Eventually I was able to get a job in Texas that was closer to them.

All those good things were the direct result of keeping a positive attitude. Let those with ears, let them hear.


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