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I saw a poster today with one of the stars from "Sex and the City" wearing jeans as a statement against rape.

It was rather odd, that wearing jeans could be taken as a statement that rape is not allowed.

I thought most sane people knew that rape was not committed because of the way that the victim is dressed. To accept that the victim "wanted it" because of dress would put you on the side of the rapist, and their criminal defense lawyer/enablers. It puts one on the side of the Islamicist nutters who invented the Islamicist head scarf in the 1970s, so that Islamicist women could mark themselves as not targets for the Islamicist rapists, and hence only Christian women, or non-Islamicist women would be (in theory) selected as rape targets.

I thought that most educated people knew that rape is not a crime of sexual desire, but rather a crime of violence, meant to enlarge the feelings of power in the rapist, and to demean the victim.

An invention was developed in South Africa to be worn by a women, and if raped, small needles stab into the penis of the offender. It was invented in South Africa, but the government thugs felt monopoly was threatened, and made it illegal. Their reasoning? The rapist might murder the woman after he was damaged. Of course, a rapist would never murder his victim otherwise, would he? Well, of course he would. Further, if a substantial number of women wore such a thing, then rapists would perhaps give up their perversion. Well, the police couldn't have that, because then the police would lose their steady income from rapists paying them off. Can't have that.

I guess it is rather too much to hope that people know that more men are raped than women. Yes, that is true. Man on man rape occurs in prisons. It is not terribly secret, and is an offensive part of the incompetent administration of the government prisons. When the Government takes all choices away from people under its control, the Government becomes reponsible for the outcomes. Every rape that occurs in prison is the sole responsibility of government employees who permit the conditions where the rape occurs. Along with homosexual rape in prisons come high rates of veneral disease (to include HIV).

What would be a legitimate act for concerned people to take to make a statement that rape is not acceptable? Well, it would be darned hard for a rapist to maintain his rigidity after he was puntured with a few .38 Special bullets. Of course in Southern California, the local sheriff demands a 5,000 dollar payment to his reelection campaign before he will sign off on a concealed carry permit. Darned few can afford it, considering the low expectation of a rape attempt on any given day/week/month/year. Men and women are prevented from defending themselves so that rapists can pursue their avocation without fear. Criminal defense attorneys raid the public treasury when they get paid for defending rapists from charges pressed by their victims. Our county sheriffs get paid to supervise convicted rapists in jail. Public health professionals get paid to provide free medical care to rapists in prison, to treat them for the venereal diseases that they contract and spread.

I would recommend that everyone who is truly opposed to rape should wear a pistol holster, with a pistol, if legal for you, empty if you are, like most Californians, legally prevented from protecting yourself in the most effective way possible: with a side arm.

A law that demands that victims not defend themselves is a Pretend Law. If ever a law deserved to be ignored, it would be a law that prevented small slight women from defending themselves from large vicious rapists. The Second Amendment forbids infringement of the right to keep and bear arms, which would include side arms. The 14th Amendment would apply that right to every state, whether the state constitution has a right to keep and bear arms, or not. A law that is contrary to the US constitution is invalid, of no force, just as invalid as a law passed by me and my brother that all banks must deposit a million dollars each month into our account. I have no authority to make or enforce such a law, and the State Governments have no authority to oppress US citizens, residents, militia members, or other variety of "people".

People should know that the California State Government encourages rapists, by funding their legal defense, preventing victims from effectively fighting back, and organizing facilities (our prisons) where rapists can continue to practice their avocation against a population that can not effectively resist, and can not effectively protest. Armed, we are citizens. Disarmed we are subjects, not just to legitmate authority, but also subject to the vilest assault from the worst among us.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The inane idea that rape is a crime of power but not of sex (desire) is a loathsome lie so oft-repeated that even you post it as a fact. To do so plays into the hands of fascist 'gender'-as-female feminists who rape our culture by endlessly repeating false and misleading "rape culture" falsehoods. Someone smarter than me said "saying rape is a crime of power but not sex is like saying bank robbery is about guns but not money".

Susan Brownmiller, author of Against Our Will was the founder of this falsehood. Ifeminist Wendy McElroy and others have shown what at fraud Brownmiller's rape 'research' was. Many other researchers have shown that rape is a crime of sex as an end and power as a mere means...maybe best illustrated by The Dark Side of Man's account of a primate-woman rape in Africa.

To say that rape is a crime of power but not sex is a clever way for fascist feminists and their impotent male flunkies to blame all men for rape and to take no shame for women's role in rape. Sex is a potent form of power too, one which woman monopolize for their own (perverted) power and profit and one which women misuse as well. When we understand that rape is a crime of sex, of power to take sex, sometimes of power for sadism as well, we will begin to hold women responsible for the use, misuse and abuse of female sexual power as well as holding men responsible for the abuse of male physical power in rape. Fascist feminists will do all in their power to make sure sex is NEVER seen as a cause for rape because they can then SHAMELESSLY blame men for rape and NEVER take reasonable responsibility for their role in sexually charged relationships.

Please note that in each such relationship, I am assuming that each person is 100% responsible for his and her deeds. Sexual violence is a crime and so is sexual vice but we usually overlook sexual vice as a crime in common situations such as clubbing, dating and marriage despite the commonplace prostitution that women routinely practice in almost all 'NORMAL' social situations. Women are as responsible as men for containing their potentially destructive power(s) be they physical, psychological, social, sexual, or cultural but in todays world women are entitled to be infantile babes (or prostitots) with no erotic responsibility whatsoever while men are blamed for the merest hint of sexual indiscretion.

For more depth on the above topics I suggest authors Wendy McElroy, Camille Paglia, Paul Nathanson/Katherine Young, Kate Fillion or Laura Kipnis.

Mon Feb 11, 08:06:00 PM 2008  
Blogger Don Meaker said...

So, the rapes of men, by men in prison are the fault of feminists?


Sat Feb 16, 05:58:00 PM 2008  

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