Thursday, July 17, 2008

Global Warming

1. First, Global Warming would be a good thing if it was to occur. Hot is associated with more growth, more life. Cold is less life. Iowa under a mile of ice grows no corn.

2. Global warming, if it was to occur would be caused by the Sun. The Sun is much much bigger than the Earth. A small change in the Sun would outweigh a big change in the Earth.

3. Global warming has stopped. The hottest year on record was in 1934, the second hottest year was 1998. Since that time temperature changes has flattened, if you take 2002 as an average year. If you take 1998 as your baseline, the Earth has cooled markedly. California had a billion dollars in fruit damage last year from cold. This year it snowed in Jerusalem and Baghdad. That hasn't happened in 40 years.

4. In fact the Sun's output has slowed. High solar output is marked by many sunspots. There are few the last few years. This year, only one little one. Not much we can do about it.

5. Global warming enthusiasts use climate models that are flawed, unable to predict the weather, (an easy task) they pretend to foretell climate. Bogus.

6. The most important greenhouse gas is Water vapor. Carbon dioxide is much less prevalent, and so, had much less of an effect. Increased carbon dioxide levels would lead to increased growth of the plants we eat, and the diatoms that are a major source of energy for fish in the sea. Again, what the global warmed overs would have us believe is bad, would in fact be good.

7. NASA's record of ground measurements are misleading. Long term measurements only go back 200 years. Most measurement locations are in the center of what are now growing cities. The city affects temperature measurements, because of hot parking lots, air conditioning outflow, car exhausts. NASA's record of airborne/satillite measurements only go back 40 years or so. Again, it is hard to compare 1998 with 1934 if you don't have any measurements for 1934.

8. Even if manmade global warming was real, the worst thing we could do is to move decisions from the distributed intelligence that is the market, and move them to the limited intelligence that is the posturing preening politicians. Governments are responsible for the worst disasters of our experience, from the Nazi Concentration Camps, or Soviet Gulag, or the destruction of the Owens valley of California by the LA County Water district.



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