Thursday, June 28, 2007

I am Pro Amnesty.

Amnesty. What would that mean?

All illegal aliens should immediately be given legal status upon their return to their home country, and should retain it so long as they stay in their home country, or legally apply from their home country (and be accepted by the US), for legal entry into the US.

If the illegal has US born dependents, he/she should be allowed to take these US born dependents with them. I don't know if the US born dependents should be US citizens or not. I figure there is a strong case that, especially after they returned to their parent's home country, they would not fall under the 14th Amendment provision "and subject to the jurisdition thereof".

If they don't have enough cash for the ticket, the illegal aliens would register with ICE, be fingerprinted for secure ID, and be shipped to their home country at no cost to the Federal Government (ie the cost would be born by the illegal). Perhaps on their way, they would even be given help filling out the forms to become a legal alien.

The important thing is that the illegal should be in line behind anyone who applied for legal entry to the US the way you are supposed to do it. Further, the illegal would have to pay taxes on all work they did inside the US before their application would be accepted. I am indifferent on if the US born foreign raised dependent should be permitted back into the US after they reach the age of majority.

That would be amnesty. Anything that is kinder to the illegal than that would be a benefit to a law breaker, and as such would be guaranteed to attract more illegals. I am opposed to being kinder to law breakers than to non-law breakers.

It is important to note that any illegal alien not confined by law (ie. in jail) can become legal at any time they want by returning to their home country.

Yes, I am very happy that the current attempt at fly by night amnest failed in the Senate today.


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