Sunday, July 20, 2008

Medical Progress, shown by our evolutionary past

I have said for years that we need a manufactured retrovirus that inserts the code to correct juvenile diabetes, HIV, poryphria, or other genetic diseases. Perhaps Crohn's, and when we get really good at it, Tay-Sachs and Down's Syndrome.

Besides the HIV, the other retrovirus that is commonly known is Parrot Fever, which can also be passed to humans from other birds.

It would be a wonderful way to provide immunity to many diseases, such as measels, polio, mumps, chickenpox, malaria, anthrax, mad cow disease, flu. Malaria kills over a million people each year. Diabetes kills half that. Syphillis, Chamidia, gonorhea.

And instead of having to immunize people with every passing generation, this would provide lasting immunity to you, and all your descendants. Never to have to see your child get malaria. Never to worry about menegitis. We could even begin to make progress on the hundreds of cold viruses.

Then there are the cattle diseases. Hoof and mouth, Mad Cow.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still have all the answers hey, Meaker? Been a while, you got lost?

Wed Aug 06, 03:40:00 PM 2008  

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