Friday, August 08, 2008

John Edwards, et al.

Mr. Edwards has shown us that he is as sleazy in his personal life as he was in his professional life. Just as he had damaged defendents perform in front of juries, so that he could make money off them, he has had his wife, damaged by his own narcissism, and disregard of marital oaths, perform in front of the public, so that he could make what ever capital he could from her performance. In particular, her post at "Daily Kos" admits that she was lying to them, as she covered up her husband's philandering, in an attempt to further his pursuit of political power.

At some time we have to stop feeling sorry for the woman scorned, and start feeling revulsion for the performance. The scorning was a wound inflicted by Mr. Edwards. The damage from the recent stories about Mr. Edwards and his continuing liason with Ms. Hunter (and child) are caused by his continuing efforts to not pay a penalty of shame. It is his continuing sleaziness that strikes us, and his wife's continuing willingness to support his sleazy life. If it was an affair, and the child is not his, I suppose his visit (documented by the National Inquirer) was only to have one moreadditional illicit sexual liason. This is the behavior she admits to defending. This truly makes her Hillary's soulmate.

I really liked the old days better, when a cad was caught in an improper relationship that he would, or would not apologize for himself, but would never trot out his wife, child, or girl friend to protect him from the contempt that he deserved. This hiding behind the skirts of ones scorned wife is truly cowardly. That is exactly what we have learned to expect from Silky Pony or Slick Willy.

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